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My Jekyll Blog Setup

March 8, 2017

It has been a long time since I set down and write a blog post about something. For the last 10 year, I constantly changed the platform for my blog from WordPress to Posterous(defunkt) to Jekyll to Medium and Ghost. The thing I wish I had done differently is backing things up properly when I change platform and give more care to my content. Anyway, I am back with Jekyll and I am considering staying a long time with it. I am already a paying customer for GitHub and I wanted to own my content so Jekyll seems like a good way to back things up and own your content.

How Classpath Works in Java?

March 15, 2011

I am writing this article for myself and not with the purpose of teaching others since I sometimes stumble some stupid problem on Java and solution generally involves knowing how classpath works and problems experienced with it. Yes, this is the result of using IDE and taking a grant of all those fundamentals. Interestingly not much book exist to talk about what is classpath, how it is really implemented and what are the pain points when creating a real application. I am not talking about books that mention java and javac commands and force you to compile stupid Hello World example from the command line. Yes learning how to use java and javac is important but it is just stupid exercise when you do not know how to apply same to compile 20 class and deeply package structured project (which you may need to do sometimes). Yes, IDEs are for this purpose but you can not take your fancy IDE to your deployment server or some unknown machine without UI.