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Ghostery + Ublock Origin Extension Problem

I am a regular Chrome user and since I switched from AdblockPlus to Ublock Origin, one of favorite extension Ghostery is not playing along with Ublock Origin. I am constantly getting error related to request being redirected to different locations. Read more »

Android Support Library Confusion

Support library topic may be one of the most confusing parts of the Android development and whole SDK. I remember after `Fragments` introduced with API Level 11 (which if I remember correctly Honeycomb) they introduced a `support library to provide backward functionality for platforms earlier than Honeycomb Read more »

Android Debugging - Java Exception Breakpoints

Let's face it debugging is part of the process while developing mobile applications. It is really frustrating chasing for hours to find simple increment bug or non-called function after your application reach to a certain size. Read more »

Book - The Power of Habit - Notes

Read more »

Catching Up with Android Development

It has been a long time since I develop anything for mobile screens. My native mobile development story started around 2009 with Android 1.5 and since then I move onto different platforms including iOS to Blackberry (yes blackberry). I stop developing for mobile phones around when Android 4.x came out. I had my personal reasons to not continue developing but some of the high-level ones are Read more »

Where Is My Classes and Classpath?

Ok I admit, I did not understand what is the use case for classpath when I started programming java or other JVM languages. But believe me, it is important. IDE and programming environments just shadow this knowledge with their fancy interfaces but you hit the wall hard when things get messy and production or whatever the environment you are running your application different from your fancy IDE. Read more »