About Burak Dede

23 Jul 2018

I am currently focusing on designing and building distributed systems and watching how they fail after the first iteration and creating necessary tools to keep them up & running and watch how tools fail and create tools to watch the tools… you get the point.

  • For more personal reach use [email protected].
  • Looking for what I am interested in writing? read my blog.
  • I also have medium blog but I use it when wanted to tell things in my native language.
  • I occasionally share code and try to contribute projects so here is github.
  • For recruiters and others interested in the past linkedin.
  • Stackoverflow which I should answer more questions stackoverflow
  • Stackexchange for more high level questions and answers stackexchange
  • Random meaningless tweeting? there you go twitter page.
  • Probably reading a lot of books so my goodreads account.